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Longer Lasting Coriander | Veg Box Storage Tips

Does your Coriander go limp quite soon after you receive it? Ever wonder how you can keep it fresh longer or avoid it going limp and yuck so quickly? Don’t worry, we have some storage tips for you that will let you enjoy this herb for a little while longer!

Tip 1: BEST RESULTSStoring in a glass jar covered by a bag in the fridge

Dhania LOVES cool places so storing these herbs in the fridge gives the herb a much longer life

1. Trim the bottom of the stems slightly

2. Place in small jar of water

3. Cover the top leaves and as much as you can with a bag

Tip 2: Storing in the fridge

1. Wash and dry thoroughly

2. Cover loosely in a zip lock bag or in Tupperware

Tip 3: Freeeeeeze the leaves!

1. Wash the leaves and dry them thoroughly

2. Chop them up finely

3. Place them into ice cube trays with a little bit of water or oil depending on how you would like to use them

4. Once frozen you can transfer them to freezer bags

Tip 4: Storing in a glass jar on your kitchen counter

1. Trim the bottom of the stems slightly

2. It’s better to try hold off on rinsing the leaves until you are about to use them. Make sure the leaves are completely dry

3. Fill a jar or a water glass partially with water and place the stem ends of the herbs into the water in the jar.

4. Change the water after several days if it starts to discolour

These are the few ways we have stored Coriander in the past. If you know of any other cool ways of storing your Coriander please do share so we can all get better at having minimal waste in our households.

Stay tuned for more Veg Box Storage Tips coming up!

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