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A Farm To Fork Experience at Tamalu Farm

Tamalu Farm to Fork is a culinary experience that is for everybody. It is one that speaks to the farmer, the foodie, as well as the health- and eco-conscious consumer. Not only will you see and experience hands-on where your food comes from, but you will learn how the team at Tamalu are creating the nutrient-dense, yet eco-responsible culinary delights that end up on your plate.

Meet the chef that turns our amazing produce into the gastronomic masterpiece you will enjoy on your Farm to Fork experience:

Lucy Freemantle.

My career began studying Agriculture in my hometown, Edinburgh. During this time, I realised the love and passion I felt when cooking for people. It was always such a delight to see people enjoying good home-cooked food. I have cooked all over the world for a variety of clients; families with seven children, Fishing Lodges in Scotland, intrepid tourists in Mana Pools in Zimbabwe, highly successful people who wanted to learn about natural movement, balance and food in Kenya (Wildfitness), and The American Embassy in Australia. I was head chef and event manager of Tuck In, an outside catering company in Edinburgh, for 3 years where we catered for two or three weddings a weekend.

I have now lived in Kenya for six years and in my “spare” time, I have been working towards completing a BSc Honours degree in Health Sciences through the Open University.

To me, the food we eat has had a journey and everything I cook has provenance and nutrition at its heart. It’s this notion that drew me to Tamalu; we share the same passions and values about the journey of food. Regenerative farming produces foods that are nutrient-dense and eating plants is the gateway to a healthy lifestyle for both body and mind.

Since having my own two little girls, my interest in regeneration for our world has only deepened. In my (humble) opinion, when you have children you begin to think more deeply about what sort of a world you want them to thrive in. Eating well is key to anyone’s development and if you can contribute to the success of an industry like regenerative agriculture by doing so, then so much the better! The food we put inside our bodies has a huge impact on the way we feel, the way we behave, and even the way we age.

I’ve always been a champion of the farm to fork concept and it’s brilliant to be involved in such an important and exciting project here at Tamalu Farm. You will learn what you can do with the foods that are in season, be educated on the importance of eating a plant-based diet and experience the pleasure of eating good wholesome food.


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