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Keeping Cauliflower Fresh | Veg Box Storage Tips

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

We are back again with the Veg Box Storage Tips series and today we are going to discuss how to keep cauliflower tasting fresh for longer periods of time.

Cauliflower is best stored in a cold and moist atmosphere (0°-4°C). It is a quite a challenge to have a cold and moist storage atmosphere, as refrigeration provides the cold but can also dry out your cauliflower. So, today we would like to share some of our top tips that have worked for us.

Be warned – stored cauliflower can be smelly! The longer you keep it the stronger the odour. If you are one that cannot bear the smell, there is an alternative we can suggest. You can try keep cauliflower stored in a cold location such a cellar, basement or garage, where you know temperatures stay cold. But also take note that cauliflower stored below 0°C can cause the stem to hollow and discolouring can happen. On the other hand, cauliflower will turn brown when stored at low humidity levels.

Storing Cauliflower In Your Fridge

  • Warp the fresh cauliflower head with a damp cloth or paper towel. Make sure the towel is damp and not soaking wet. Try and wrap as much of the cauliflower as possible and then put it into a plastic bag (preferably a perforated bag).

  • Try and use a perforated bag that can fit the entire piece of cauliflower, and squeeze out any excess air. Then wrap it closed and keep it in the crisp drawer of your fridge.

  • Try not to keep the cauliflower next to any fruits in the crisp drawer as this could affect the freshness of your produce.

  • Cauliflower kept like this can stay fresh in your fridge for 4-7 days. Try and cook with it as soon as possible but also note that keeping it stored for longer than a week may affect its taste.

  • If you see brown spots, don’t think your cauliflower has gone off or is rotten. This is normal for cauliflower and it simply means that the plant is low in Boron.

Freezing Cauliflower

  • Fill a large container with boiling hot water. Use enough boiling water to ensure all bits of the cauliflower are submerged.

  • Add salt to the hot water (4 tsp to about 3.8ltrs of water) to kill any insects and keep the cauliflower fresh for longer.

  • Stir the salt and hot water well

  • Place your freshly harvested cauliflower into the hot water and make sure it is cleaned and blanched well by submerging it. Do this for about 3 minutes.

  • Once soaked, drain and the water to ensure no excess water is on the cauliflower.

  • Cut the entire cauliflower into small chunks (including the stem!)

  • Place the cauliflower bits into an airtight plastic bag or freezer container. Make sure you squeeze out as much air as possible if using an airtight bag and that it is properly sealed before it goes into the freezer.

  • Try to use or cook your frozen cauliflower in less than 8-12 months. It will not go off if you use it after this time, but it will loose it's fresh taste.

  • Add your frozen contents directly into dishes. Do keep in mind the excess water that comes with your frozen produce but avoid defrosting these bits as you will lose the fresh taste.

We hope you can now enjoy your fresh Cauliflower for much longer!

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